Sunday, February 12, 2012

Best of Kiln - Ginger Birdsey's Pastel Pinch

This week's "best of kiln" award goes to the always fabulous Ginger Birdsey for her gorgeous cup and serving tray set in soft pastels.  Check out the way the glazes pool and interact in crevices, and don't forget to set your internet browser to "feelie" mode to get a sense of the luxurious satiny texture. This set is marvelous!

Ginger used a white stoneware glazed with 2-D blue and Apricot glazes.  The set was fired to cone 6 in oxidation.  2-D can be finicky, with a thick application resulting in pinholing, so test a bit, to get the right consistency on your work. Apricot, on the other hand, is a magic glaze that can make even your flattest glaze super-sexy variegated. Get down!

Custer Feldspar    44
Whiting               19.9
Flint                    10.7
EPK                    10.7
Lithium Carbonate    5.3
Talc                      3.1
Frit 3124              6.4
Rutile                   7.7
Bentonite             3.2

2-D Blue
Dolomite             21.8
Whiting               3.3
Nephyline Syenite    47.5
Ball Clay             24.1
Frit 3195             3.3
Cobalt Carbonate    0.5
Rutile                      4
Bentonite                1.9

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