Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Best of Kiln - Lindsey Elsey for Blue Steel

Some things come out of the kiln and catch your attention like nobody's business.  This tends to happens a lot when 150 talented risk takers are constantly experimenting, mixing, blending and testing.  Crowd sourcing at its best!

The Esteemed Glaze Academy (Fair, Balanced and certainly not above Bribery), was formed on February 1, 2012, with a stated mission of sharing Best of Kiln results and glaze recipes. And so, without further ado... the premier "Best of Kiln" nomination goes to (drum roll please) Lindsey Elsey, for her crystal blue combination The Academy will henceforth refer to as "blue steel".

Check out the flowy crystals! Lindsey dipped the entire piece in Bright Blue Sky (from Ron Roy's and John Hesselberth's book on glazes), then dipped the piece in Jen's Juicy Fruit. The piece was fired on white stoneware in light reduction to cone 6. This has the potential of being very runny, but in this case, the glaze combo behaved.

Jen's Juicy Fruit   
Neph Sy         44.5
Silica               10.9
Whiting            10
EPK                9.1
Frit 3124         8.2
Lithium Carb    8.2
Soda Ash         9.1
Rutile                5.5
Red Iron Oxide 1.8
Bentonite          1.8

Bright Blue Sky
G-200                   20
Frit 3134               20
Wollastonite           10
EPK                      20
Talc                       11.5
Flint                      18.5
Cobalt Carbonate  1
Rutile                     6
Red Iron Oxide     0.5


  1. Great job Lindsey! Love the color!!

  2. I'm interested to see what the inside looks like ;-)

  3. Congratulations, Lindsey! It's beautiful!_Kim McDonald

  4. AWESOME! Very talented, very gifted. great work!_Kenny Ubinas

  5. WOW! Very talented, indeed!_Jerri Biggs

  6. Beautiful!!!!_Donna Brabham Priester

  7. Congrats! That is beautiful._Steve Smith

  8. Want to know what G-200 is as we live in Australia and want to try this, love it by the way Ronda

  9. G-200 is a potash feldspar. We use 300 mesh. Also, EPK is Kaolin.... sorry about the abbreviations. Best of luck!